Smart Floral Art is a flower preservation studio located in Manchester that creatively presses, preserves & frames wedding bouquets in a modern and non-traditional way. Each piece is handmade to order and entirely unique, capturing your treasured memories to be admired for years to come.


It was born from frustratingly trying and failing to find a way to keep my own beautiful bouquet in any way that wasn’t fussy, old fashioned or overpriced so gave it a go myself. After much trial, error and perseverance I have created something I am truly proud to offer and hang in my own home. Simple, clean and modern aesthetics with a heap of sentiment and love are at the heart of everything I create. This is a slow art form, a skill that I have mastered and been taken right back to the basics of traditional flower pressing.


Flowers that have meant so much to you, and lets face it, cost you so much, deserve to be preserved and cherished for years to come rather than thrown in the compost a week later.  Preserving your flowers can mean creating an heirloom of memories to pass through generations.


Each frame will always contain a mixture of flower types and colours to add dimensions and character, no two flowers will ever come out of the press the same and no two frames will ever be the same. This all adds to the magic of the process, they are entirely, uniquely, truly YOURS. They are a nod to your special day, holding significance and love without feeling too ‘weddingy’ or twee.


Based in the North-West of England but preserving for the whole of the UK, I love receiving your flowers in the post!


Katie x