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Please, please, please get your flowers in the post as soon as possible as they will preserve best when they are at their freshest. This is so important and will directly impact the quality of your frame outcome!

We completely appreciate that it’s a whirlwind time around your wedding day and from experience, we’d advise it’s a job easily delegated to a trusted person!


A few tips that will help keep your flowers as fresh as possible for us:

  • Store them in cool, clean water

  • Store away from direct sunlight in a cool space when you’re not using them throughout the day and also on the night of your wedding.


Please note, flowers that have been sprayed with glitter, sparkles, spray paint or any harsh chemicals will most likely turn brown and not press out successfully. You can have a look at the most suitable flower types for preserving here. 


For a 26cm square frame or the smaller sets, I need around three or four of your finest stems, and more if you’d like a larger frame. Remember, we would always prefer to have more to work with than less!

What box to use?

The box you pack your flowers in can be anything and everything, as long as it’s a suitable size for your flowers. A shoebox or a new box - as long as your flowers fit we don’t mind what you use!

A super important thing to remember is to include your name inside. We receive several packages each day and need to know which bouquet belongs to you!


Packing your flowers

Start packing by taking your bouquet apart (we’ve got a video to help you with that below!) and dry off any water droplets with some kitchen paper or a towel, as any moisture could encourage mould!


Once that’s done, layer up rows of flowers in between kitchen roll or anything similar that will give some extra cushioning for the journey, and lift the excess moisture from them too.


Please do not use plastic (bubble wrap etc.) as this will encourage condensation and therefore mould…trust us, it happens fast!


Please take good care packing your flowers, try not to just chuck them in a box as they likely won’t arrive in a good enough condition to use.


Don’t panic too much about sending your flowers in the post, flowers travel surprisingly well, as long as they are dry and not too squashed together!

You might want to have a look at some of our frequently asked questions too. 


I can’t wait to see them!


Team Smart Floral x

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