Flowers that have meant so much to receive can be kept to admire as a unique piece of art for many years when you choose to preserve them with us. Each selection of flowers sent are pressed by hand using traditional methods at home in Manchester. This is the perfect way to remember a special moment in a beautiful modern way.


Booking your flower preservation


It really couldn't be easier!


Get in touch to tell me you have some special flowers that you would like preserving. Email is generally our fastest form of communication but you can also contact us directly through the website if you prefer. We do not take orders through Instagram.


On booking there will be a link sent to you for a £50 non-refundable deposit, which will go towards the final cost of your chosen frame.


Your flowers are best preserved when they are at their freshest so please get them to us as soon following your wedding as possible.


Please note that if your flowers don’t get to us in time for us to be able to preserve them due to the date they were posted, sadly the deposit will not be refunded.


We will hold your date for one week after first enquiring, we are an extremely busy studio and we sadly cannot hold dates for longer than that as we often have wait lists for each week.

how much does it cost?

The pressing and framing process starts at £110 plus postage.


Acrylic frame prices are;

26cm square frame - £110

26cm square frame with etching  - £145


60x40cm frame - £170

60x40cm frame with etching - £200


£50 deposit required for all bookings.


Any additional frames are charged extra per frame;

10cm shapes - £16 each

13cm shapes - £20 each

16cm shapes - £26 each


Etching on these frames is charged at £6 per frame.

These can be added on towards the end of your process with us and does not need to be pre decided.

What you'll need to do...

We’ll need a good selection of everything from your bouquet, at the very least three good quality stems of each flower type. Please don’t overlook your foliage and smaller flowers as they add gorgeous textures and shapes for your final frame.


For our larger (60x40cm) frames especially, we will need more flowers to make this gorgeous and full - if in doubt, know we would always prefer to have more to work with than less!


You may have buttonholes or flower crowns that you would like us to preserve within your frame too, which we love to receive but please note, these smaller pieces don’t always last as long as they’ve been out of water for long and no doubt bashed on the dance floor!


There are packing guides on our website which will also be sent out to you before your wedding which are super helpful!

What we’ll do…

Your flowers will be pressed with the greatest of care and attention - please note it can take up to twelve weeks to perfectly preserve them.


It’s a slow process but we promise it’s worth the wait!


Once the flowers are almost ready the exciting part starts! We will be in touch to discuss all the options available to you, show you the fonts we have available if you choose to have any etching and let you choose all the finer details of your frame. Your frame will be ordered and a design will be sent over for your pre approval.


It is at this point on ordering the frame your final balance will be due.


Once this is confirmed we can then begin creating layouts using your flowers and get your frame and flowers safely back to you!

How long will they last?

A well cared for frame should last decades...please remember these are natural products and colours may fade or brown naturally over time, loose fragments of flowers may occur, this is all normal of organic products. The flowers are pressed without using chemicals and therefore will change over the years.

To help them stay their best, keep away from direct sunlight and heat sources or moisture.