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Hi, I'm Katie, the founder and owner of Smart Floral Art. 

Smart Floral Art is a flower preservation studio located in beautiful Lancashire, just north of Manchester, but preserving flowers all over the UK.

We're a haven for creativity where wedding bouquets are pressed, preserved and framed in a modern way.


Each piece is handmade to order and entirely unique. Our aim is to capture the treasured memories from your perfect day to be admired for years to come.

Our studio address is: The Artists Studio, Haworth Art Gallery, Hollins Lane, Accrington, BB5 2JS.


The Start of Smart Floral Art

Our journey began with a personal quest for something different as I tried and failed to find a way to preserve my own beautiful wedding bouquet.

I was frustrated by the fussy, old-fashioned and overpriced options, so decided to learn and give it a go myself. After a lot of trial, error and boundless perseverance, I mastered the skill that took me right back to the basics of traditional flower pressing. 


The result has been the creation of something I'm truly proud of. And not just hang in my own home, but something I'm proud to offer for everyone getting married and looking to preserve their memories.  

Why preserve your flowers with us?

Flowers are more than just beautiful decorations. For me, they hold true meaning and value. Why throw your wedding flowers away when they can be preserved and cherished for generations?


My approach with flower preservation is to create simple, clean and modern designs with a heap of sentiment and love. This is a slow art form, but I love it - and the wait is well worth it.

Uniquely yours

Each unique frame contains a mixture of flower types and colours to add dimensions and character. No two flowers will ever come out of the press the same, which makes every single frame special.


This all adds to the magic of the process. They are entirely, uniquely and truly yours. They are a nod to your special day, holding significance and love without feeling too ‘weddingy’ or twee. 

Smart Flower Art is based in the Lancashire in the North West of England but we specialise in wedding bouquet preservation for the whole of the UK. The process of preserving flowers for you is simple, all you have to do is send them to me carefully packaged in the post. I absolutely love receiving your beautiful flowers and working our magic to create something truly special for you. 

If you have any questions, drop me an email or make an enquiry. Check out our FAQs, which includes information on the process, as well as lead times. You can find our 2024 prices here.

I can't wait to preserve your flowers. 


Katie x 

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