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colourful wedding bouquet preservation large frame

Wedding Bouquet Preservation Liverpool

We'll help you cherish your special memories through our specialist bouquet and wedding flower preservation

PreservE your beautiful wedding flowers forever

If you're looking to preserve your beautiful wedding flowers in the Liverpool area, you're in safe hands with Smart Floral Art.


Flowers plays such a meaningful role in your wedding day. Did you know that wedding flowers were first introduced by the Romans to represent beauty and new beginnings? 


For us today, they bring colour, elegance and fragrance to your special occasion.

Here at Smart Floral Art, we appreciate how treasured your wedding flowers are to you. We've been there with our own wedding bouquets. You want assurance they're in the best care. And that's where we come in.

Our wedding flower preservation uses meticulous, handcrafted methods to transform your bouquets and blooms into one-of-a-kind, enduring keepsakes. Our gentle and sustainable preservation techniques guarantee your flowers retain their vibrancy and beauty.

With Smart Floral Art, we'll preserve your flowers with love and make sure they get back to you in Liverpool to enjoy for years and decades to come.





white wedding bouquet preservation pressed flowers

bespoke wedding BOUQUET preservation FOR YOU

Your wedding flowers symbolise love, happiness and new beginnings. That's exactly what we want to capture for brides and grooms in Liverpool.

Each frame we make brims with love and is completely unique to you. We combine various flower varieties and colors for added depth and individuality.

Whether it's your Liverpool bridal bouquet or centerpiece, our pressed flower preservation is tailored just for you.

Preserving wedding flower memories in Liverpool

With our simple postal delivery system, we pride ourselves on preserving wedding bouquets across the whole of the UK, including Liverpool and Manchester. Our beautiful studio, based in Lancashire, is just a stone's throw from Merseyside.

Once you've made an enquiry and secured your spot with Smart Floral Art, all you have to do is send your flowers to us in the post and we'll do the rest. 

We really recommend booking in advance, so we can be sure to accommodate your bouquets from your special day.

bright red and pink pressed dried flowers


Learn more about Smart Floral Art, who we are and why we're the best choice to preserve your wedding flowers.

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